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We are a fast growing outsourcing company based primarily in South America. We have clients in the US and Canada that pay us to find customer service and other types of staff in lower cost nations.


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Our company has several dedicated Linux servers and most of our tech team lives in the Windows world. We need someone that knows Linux, Putty, SSH, Firewall admin, backups etc. for our small 'farm' of auto-dialers. Telephony protocols and setting up VoIP systems is a plus. We run a very finicky software for the dialers (goautodial) that needs constant watch (recordings fill up the drive, backups stop, memory causes the system to hang, etc.) if you can watch these things and keep our systems running, great. If you can fix these things so we don't have to watch them all the time, even better.

Skills: Linux, SSH, Putty, server administration, apache, MySQL, light web tech such as HTML, CSS, WordPress, etc. You will need moderate level English (but even if your English is rough, we'll consider you since over 95% of our company speaks Spanish). We'll help you learn more and you'll interact with over 100 users of our dialers to assist them with setting up their softphones etc. If you have the Linux admin skills, we'll be very patient as you obtain the remaining skills.

Salary: 10.000.000 with 10.000.000 bonus for uptime.

Please contact out HR Department to apply.

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